Manjaro’s last stable release posted on their homepage was 17.06. Since this time, the team have worked hard on yet another stable release code named Hakoila and is set to be released soon. So far, the release has recently hit the stable channel as of time of this writing. 17.1 rolls out a new kernel amongst many other package changes. The new kernel is linux414. The team recently fixed a network regression as well as other issues. The kernel is not considered technically LTS yet, but as of this month it should roll out as one. The team also fixed several issues with Calamares, their installer. I have also fixed a few more issues I found in my scripts not working the way I wanted, I added a list of packages to potentially be installed and a loop which allows the user to install one and then see the list again until each package that he or she wants is installed. The loop will discontinue once the user types the number 27. I also added a prompt that asks the user if they want to uninstall unwanted software along with removing orphaned packages in the tuneup scripts. Certain themes weren’t being installed in all repositories in Manjaro so I just went with what the Stable release was doing this time. I recently had a fiasco with Linux Mint. In my testing I installed it on my system and the next day the network just stopped. I troubleshooted of course. I restarted the service a dozen times, I checked the cable, modem and the router. I put an older router on. Nothing I did seemed to work. I even tested the live environment I installed from again and it worked. I assume that this was a debacle with the Kernel and my hardware, however, I can’t be fully certain. All I know is I ended up reinstalling a stable Manjaro 17.1 which gave me back full network access and the ability to keep working on my scripts. More editions will be made in the near future, I’m just settling back down now, I got a new SSD and though I haven’t found a way to install in the Inspiron 531 yet, I have got some ideas. I also made a fresh release on my github of the scripts in an organized zip package. The hosts file updater that I posted on github is just a first iteration of what’s to come. It is manual right now, but it does check for your distribution and restarts the network based on that so the user doesn’t have to worry about it working and have three different scripts. I may add new lists in the future, but for now I’m thinking about just turning it into a selector which makes each selection into a separate script file and runs the file to update the hosts file instead of making it the only thing you have, then you will have an automatic solution as well. It will be on the user to put it in Cron tab but the script file will run the same selection without the need for so much user input in the future.



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