It’s a sad day when trying to convert back to Ubuntu 16.04.3 you find that it just isn’t what it was in 16.04.1. When you find that it was downhill then and has slowly and progressively crept down the slippery slope to its demise. I once recommended this for new users, but I can’t now. I never have the issues in Manjaro that I have in Ubuntu. Ubuntu 16.04.3, from my standpoint, seems extremely buggy and impossible to use. So I’m sticking with what I know for now. Where I am I get the most up to date packages and I don’t have to deal with constant alerts telling me that something new crashed in the background. Everything crashes in Ubuntu for me right now, everything. I know that I could just remove apport, but to me that takes something away from the distribution itself. Earlier, I was testing some new features I’m working on for my scripts and one of them was to determine intelligently what distribution a user was running without making the user do anything. All of a sudden, I get this alert telling me that Opera browser crashed, I open Firefox, close it with the usual window manager button to close and it says that Firefox has crashed. I even tried to restart and it told me that that had crashed.

Don’t get me started on the trouble I had with Linux Mint 18.3 this evening. One silver lining is that I was able to complete a bit of testing and I found that it does work like I suspected, however, this is ridiculous. The Opera version I was playing with in Ubuntu was actually one point newer than the version I now have in Manjaro, which is kind of odd. Nevertheless, it is completely buggy, I realize that others may use this system, but I can no longer recommend it to anyone. At any rate, I now have a copy of Manjaro and I’m putting it back on the USB. I have to say, this just works beautifully, even though there are some things that I personally would change or fix to better suit the darker themes. I digress, I guess I have to go back to supporting and recommending this.

Quick update, I did mention that I was working on the scripts that I wrote, but it is moving a bit slow this season, I’m guessing complete overhaul will be ready by April or May. I still have a few things to test before I make it an official part of the scripts. I am considering bringing everything together into one huge script with upwards of 600 lines… I am not sure yet about the installer, but I took some ideas from Joe Collins. He’s a really great guy, albeit very opinionated.



He’s a bit of Linux Mint fan boy, but I can’t hold that against him. He’s more proficient in it than I am. Anyway, I am definitely planning some big changes on my git hub and possibly beyond that now. I am already working on it, just ironing out some stuff. This will cut down on many hours of script writing because many of these work on multiple distributions and Manjaro and Antergos work almost seamlessly together so there isn’t any real big difference between the two scripts and so I won’t need to support three different distributions as much anymore if this works. This is something I’ve been pondering doing since I wrote them all in the first place. I was even planning on supporting Fedora a bit in 2018, but I’m not sure how my schedule will hold, it is a goal. But that requires me to test it for long hours. Plus it’ll be number three again :(. Every little thing I do will have to be tested. RPM package managers are really not my strong suite, but I will need some enterprise knowledge if I am ever to land a dream job of maintaining servers later on.

Anyways, Happy Holidays and be safe everyone!

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