In a recent tweet on the project’s twitter page, the team behind Antergos recently announced that it would be discontinuing the project. While this came as a big shock to the community, the developers described this is a bit of a long time coming as things in their lives became hectic and the project has become somewhat stagnant, not seeing much in the way of features or major improvements above standard Arch based software packages. The project was founded directly on Arch Linux and thus the Arch specific packages will be updated forever, however, many changes are soon to take place to make this a smooth transition. The Antergos repository will be the first to go, moving many packages over to AUR and making the repository itself obsolete. It is unclear as to whether the project will cease to install for new users, but that is a safe bet. Antergos started as Cinnarch and has always been mainly an Arch installer with many extra bells and whistles, but it appears that this ever evolving distribution will be closing its eyes for good. Many new-to-Linux users will want to look elsewhere for an installer for Arch Linux. The forums and wiki pages will remain active for the time being as to help users during the transition, but this too will end eventually. For those who are new to Arch and just want an easy installer, Manjaro is a similar option. Other options include; Archlabs, Archman and Archbang, to name a few. It’s very sad to see the project die, but where one door closes, another opens. Who is to say what will be on the horizon for a future replacement to Antergos. The team have provided the still working source to anyone who would like to pick up where the project left off and/or take things in an entirely new direction.

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