I only heard this romantic story on Tuesday evening on youtube and again found it today on OMGUBUNTU. Link below. But apparently an interim release of Ubuntu destroyed the latest model of Lenovo laptops. This included the Lenovo Yoga line. The laptop series that this happened on was marked down for Christmas. The laptops are now no longer able to save time and date settings a long with a host of other settings effecting user hardware. This essentially makes the laptops useless. Canonical and the Ubuntu team seem very upset and want to get to the bottom of the issue, but it appeared yesterday that Lenovo just didn’t care. Lenovo told one user in the forums to simply get a new motherboard and this was said in a way that seems they didn’t bother to test their laptops at all before they released them. If the BIOS on the laptops are indeed borked up, this would mean that inadequate testing went into their product before it reached the shelf. I’ve made mention of Lenovo in the past and it wasn’t all good. Take care this Christmas when buying devices. Read documentation fully and never get anything just because it is free or on sale. One source on the issue even said that Lenovos were in his opinion “cheap”. It is possible for users to currently flash the BIOS and reinstall a working copy or an updated version, but this is not something that just anyone knows how to do. Not to mention, it is a cliffhanger, it takes time to work and you have to wait for it to finish before rebooting and testing the status of the device. If this happened to me, I would personally try pulling the CMOS battery and leaving it out for up to 5 minutes and seeing if this fixes the issue, if not, it may be an issue with the BIOS firmware itself, in which case, you’re better off trying your luck flashing the BIOS. I have successfully done this in the past, I may even make a tutorial about it in 2018. Ubuntu has said that there is a fix on the way though. Supposedly a new image of the distribution with an updated kernel and drivers would fix the issue, but OMGUBUNTU warns that it won’t fix those computers that already got borked up.



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